Starting a New Adventure

Well guys, I am excited to announce that I am embarking on a new adventure!

I have decided to become an entrepreneur and open open my very own online store!

It is called Spools and Drool A Baby Boutique and will officially launch on November 1, 2014.

I will be selling handmade items for the tiny humans you love. Spools and Drool will sell crib sheets, blankets, changing pad covers, diaper bags, wet bags, and one-of-a-kind nursery decor. I am really excited about this and hope you will follow me on this new journey.

With that being said, I am going to focus all my energy on making the shop successful. That leaves no time for The Botts-net Blog. That makes me sad since I love the Botts-net and I have enjoyed watching it grow. I will be blogging with Spools and Drool as part of my social media campaign. In fact, I posted my first story today.

While the shop won't open its {virtual} doors until November, I invite you to check out the blog and follow me on social media to take a sneak peak into the store, see what I'm up to, and continue reading the blog.

You can visit the first post here http://www.spoolsanddrool.com/blog/yellow-barn-winery-sackets-harbor-ny and follow the links on the top to poke around the site. The store won't be visible until my grand opening in November.

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I'm so excited! Thank you in advance for your support.



Ice Cream of NNY: Saturdays, Sundaes, & More // Sackets Harbor

Summer in NNY is beautiful. And since the winter totally sucked, Northern New Yorkers are just aching to be outside! Henry and I spend time outdoors almost everyday. We will go to the park, for a walk, or even just to the back yard. After all, he has spent pretty much his whole life indoors so he likes to soak up the sun when ever he can!

Driving around the Fort Drum/Watertown area you will find lots of little ice cream shops. They seem to be on every corner and stretch of highway. Of course they are closed for most of the year but they are all open now! My goal is to visit as many of these ice cream shops as I can this summer.

First stop is one in my own backyard: Saturdays, Sundaes, & More in Sackets Harbor.

Saturdays, Sundaes, & More is on Main Street across from Goodfello's. It is a walk-up ice cream stand that serves ice cream, frozen yogurt, soft-serve, milkshakes, and {of course} ice cream sundaes! 

This place is ADORABLE! There is a big lawn in front for the kids to work off their sugar highs. They have a few chairs and tables and benches to relax while you lick on your scoops of ice cream. There is even a kid sized table in case you can get your kids to actually sit.

I had the sugar-free raspberry swirl ice cream with the intentions of sharing it with Henry. He was not interested. But I thought it was delicious! Seth got the peanut butter cup ice cream and it was also very good! 

I love Saturdays, Sundaes, & More because you can park and stroll along Main Street, down to the water and battlefield, and back up to enjoy an ice cream cone. There is nothing more perfect then a warm day, good company, and two scoops of ice cream!

Saturdays, Sundaes, & More accepts cash only. They are open Monday-Friday from 2-8pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 8pm. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 


Booze and Babies: Sackets Harbor Brewing Company

**No babies consumed alcohol in the capturing of this photograph.**
It's summer time! That means drinking beer outside on a deck. And the best place in Sackets Harbor to do this is Sackets Harbor Brewing Company. They have a gorgeous deck on the lake and craft beer on tap. Happy Hour is from 5-7 Monday thru Thursday. But their beer is cold from lunch to dinner!

At yesterday's happy hour, I sipped on their Barstool Bitters. It was crisp and refreshing. I am a big fan of their Double IPA but they didn't have a batch made. They will even give you a sample to taste before ordering a pint.

We snacked on their tater tots and fried pickles appetizers and enjoyed the breeze off of the lake. Henry enjoyed watching the birds eat the tater tots he tossed on the ground.

Fun was had by all!