Booze and Babies: Sackets Harbor Brewing Company

**No babies consumed alcohol in the capturing of this photograph.**
It's summer time! That means drinking beer outside on a deck. And the best place in Sackets Harbor to do this is Sackets Harbor Brewing Company. They have a gorgeous deck on the lake and craft beer on tap. Happy Hour is from 5-7 Monday thru Thursday. But their beer is cold from lunch to dinner!

At yesterday's happy hour, I sipped on their Barstool Bitters. It was crisp and refreshing. I am a big fan of their Double IPA but they didn't have a batch made. They will even give you a sample to taste before ordering a pint.

We snacked on their tater tots and fried pickles appetizers and enjoyed the breeze off of the lake. Henry enjoyed watching the birds eat the tater tots he tossed on the ground.

Fun was had by all!

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  1. You and my husband would get along great. He loves IPA and bitter beer. I'm more of a wine girl, myself, but I will not begrudge you a relaxing drink in good company at a fabulous establishment like the "Brew Pub" as it's known by many locals. ;)